Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Collector(XBOX ONE)

After payment you will receive a licensed game (username and password) after downloading the game you can freely play and run the game from your profile. Lifetime warranty. General profile.

How to play with the purchased profile https://youtu.be/fxqWbXPAWa0

Installing the game on the XBOX ONE console:

1) Go to the purchased profile, click "Login"
2) Click "Add a new user", enter the purchased data (username and password)
3) If it asks for a code, click next and write to us
4) Login and security settings - set to "no limit"
5) Go to "My games and applications"
6) Scroll to the right, find the purchased game and install it.
7) Play from your profile (turn on the console (auto login from your profile), press left, enter the account with the purchased game, then switch to your own and start the game
8) We do not delete the purchased profile, enjoy the game)


1) You cannot make an account home
2) You cannot change data and transfer it to third parties
3) Additional mail is not provided
4) Requires a permanent internet connection
5) The profile is general (you buy the game and the ability to play from your main profile, the profile itself is not for sale)

How to play (text description):

1) After receiving data from the account, we enter the purchased account with the game and immediately switch to your main account. We enter the game. If you see the inscription "Login is made somewhere else", you can continue to play from 7 minutes to 1 hour (always in different ways). After that, a window will appear that you will need to re-enter the account from which the game was purchased. We don’t close this window, but again we enter the account with the purchased game using the central Guide button, then we switch to our own and continue playing from the same place where we stopped.

2) After receiving data from the account, enter the purchased account with the game, then switch to your own and start the game. We disconnect from the Internet (settings - network - network settings - disconnect from the network) and play. After connecting to the network, achievements earned in Offline will open.

The account is being shared. If during the game you are sometimes "thrown out" of the game process, try to enter the game later. Any claims in this case will not be accepted

Цена: 1100 руб.

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